The History of Nissan - Boone, NC

Everett Nissan - Boone, NC 

What began with a boxy-looking car in a district of Tokyo back in 1914 has grown into the full-line global brand that Nissan is today. The Nissan Motors history is a success story involving genius forethought and meticulous product design, as well as a series of mergers and partnerships that became something special.

1914 saw the first Dat Car introduced to the Japanese public. Several models were sold over the years, including a three-wheeled car with exports in small quantities reaching only to Australia. The Tobata Casting Company changed its name to Nissan and took over production of the Datsun cars in 1933.

Datsun cars never really made its debut in America until the 1970s, when the small-sized, fuel-efficient cars found popularity as imports during the fuel crisis.

Soon Nissan cars and trucks were being manufactured in many plants around the world for domestic consumption. With local management and development capabilities, each region was focused on providing products its specific country would appreciate.

In October 1999, Nissan adopted a Nissan Revival Plan that restructured the company into what it is today: a sustainable, profitable innovative and affordable car manufacturer. This plan bolstered product appeal and competitiveness of the Nissan brand. This revival plan lead to the Nissan Altima winning the North American Car of the Year Award in 2002.

Since then, Nissan has kept its foot on the accelerator of innovation. Further automotive advances, such as the uses of Continuously Variable Transmissions and Electric Vehicle designs, have kept Nissan at the cutting edge of technology and consumer demand right up to the present day.

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