Nissan Navigation Spotlight

2016 Nissan Navigation - Boone, NC

When it comes to finding the best route to a new destination, having an embedded navigation system in your Nissan is better than any other method.

Navigation systems are available in most new Nissan models. When you choose a navigation-equipped Nissan, you will be better able to stay focused on the road ahead of you. You can activate the navigation system uses voice commands and steering wheel buttons.

Some of the great features that come with a Nissan Navigation-ready vehicle are Online Search with Google, SiriusXM Traffic, SiriusXM Fuel Prices, SiriusXM Weather, and Navigation Map Updates.

If you’re looking for a pizza place nearby, just speak the word and a whole list of results will come up with the Online Search function. Avoid traffic with the detailed SiriusXM Traffic feature. SiriusXM Fuel Prices will show you how many miles until you have to fill up and gas prices around you so you can get the best deal. The SiriusXM Weather feature is more than just a weather app on your phone. Current and future weather conditions, radar, and storm information will help you plan ahead.

And, to keep your travels up-to-date, every year, you can request a new SD card from Nissan to make sure your navigation system has the most recent maps.

2016 Nissan Navigation - Boone, NC

A Nissan navigation system also comes pre-loaded with over 2.5 million popular US destinations, such as gas stations, restaurants, banks, and more. And, you’ll be able to store up to 50 locations in your address book to help you navigate to your great aunt’s house for Thanksgiving.

If traffic is a constant hassle for you, subscribe to NavTraffic or SiriusXM Traffic to get advanced traffic information that will help you avoid the gridlock and get to your destination faster.

Imagine the convenience of always having your navigation system with you without having to deal with dead batteries, tangled cords, or dropped phones. Come see how a Nissan navigation system can make your driving experience so much better today at Everett Nissan.

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