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When to change your tires

An essential part of regular service to your vehicle is replacing your tires. Even if you’re an ideal car owner who rotates tires every six months and goes in for regular suspension and alignment checks, the day will come when your tires must be replaced.

It’s simple to determine when you’re ready for a new set of wheels: just look for these few quick signs.

Nissan tires

First, you can try the penny test. Take any penny and stick it headfirst into the tread of your tire. If any part of Lincoln’s forehead is visible, it’s probably time to get your tires replaced.

You should also keep an eye out for wear bars. Wear bars are horizontal bars built into the rubber of your wheel and are only visible once your tire has worn down past the suggested tread depth. To spot them, just take a close look at your tires; if you’re seeing horizontal lines going across your tread, you’re seeing your wear bars.

Before you replace your tires, you should also consider your own personal driving needs. Do you drive on slick surfaces often? Are you about to enter a rainy or snowy season? What sort of terrain do you drive on most often? Your answer to these questions can influence when and how often you need to replace your tires. Speak with your technician or an automotive professional at Everett Nissan to figure out your specific needs. 

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Types of Tires - Boone, NC

It can be difficult trying to figure out which tires are best for your car. Each type is specifically designed to handle the situation it’s meant for, from the tread to the material it’s made of. We’ve compiled a handy guide of each different type of tire so you can decide which will best fit your needs!


All terrain

All-terrain tires are most commonly seen on SUV’s and trucks, like the Rogue and Frontier. These are perfect if you drive a lot on the road, but also like to have a little fun off-road. Although these are a little noisy on the street, they’ll be the best fit if you drive on different types of terrain.



These are pretty self-explanatory; use these tires if you drive in mud or off-road a lot! A step up from all terrain tires, these are still okay to drive on the highway. The tread on these tires are designed to handle mud, sand, and rocks.


Nissan 370Z tire - Boone, NC


If you drive a sports car like the GT-R or 370Z, you know you have to have some performance tires to match. Not only do these add style and design to your car, but also are equipped to handle higher driving speeds.



Winter tires have evolved immensely from a few years ago. They used to be clunky and loud to drive on. However, now they are a staple in the cold winter weather. You should definitely purchase winter tires if you encounter a variety of winter conditions, like icy or slushy roads, heavy snow, and even freezing rain. These have a significant amount of traction to help you stop quickly in the winter.


All seasons

These are the most common type of tire. All season tires usually come standard on a new Nissan. All season tires can handle it all- snow, rain, and heat. If you live in a place like North Carolina, you’ll be able to drive comfortably with a set of all season tires.


In North Carolina, thrill seekers know off-road tires are essential to any adventure. Off-road tires are designed to handle mud, rocks, and gravel. Just remember to do little on road driving with these tires.

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