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Charlotte NC

Charlotte, North Carolina has the nickname of the Queen City. That is only appropriate, as people who stop by the city to visit often feel like royalty. The third fastest growing city in the United States, Charlotte has a bright future ahead of it. However, that does not mean that the city or the people who live there have forgotten about the city’s rich history.

Charlotte’s History

Before any European settlers set foot in the Charlotte area, the city was home to several Native American members of the Catawba tribe. Unfortunately, disease wiped out most members of the tribe, while others moved to another location. Eventually, settlers established homes in the area around 1755. 13 years later in 1768, the city of Charlotte was formally incorporated.

Leading up to the American Revolution, Charlotte was an epicenter for the revolutionary movement. In fact, many member of the Charlotte area drafted their own declaration of independence years before the country adopted one of its own.

Over the next few decades, the Charlotte area experienced a series of population booms thanks to the Gold Rush. Although the city suffered during the years of the Civil War, the population rose again after the war ended.

What’s it like these days?

Today, Charlotte, North Carolina is still growing. It is currently the 17th most populated city in the country. Not only that, but Charlotte’s economy is growing too. Charlotte serves as the second largest city for banking in the United States, following New York City.

Charlotte has also attracted several tourists over the years thanks to some of its wonderful attractions. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in the city for any fans of the sports. For those who want to experience thrills first-hand, Charlotte is also home to the Carowinds amusement park, which contains some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world!

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city that is constant growing and constantly getting better every year! Everett Nissan is proud to serve the Charlotte area and all residents of Charlotte.