Serving Lenoir, NC

By Ken Thomas - website of photographer), Public Domain,

The city of Lenoir might not be the largest city in the state of North Carolina. However, it is a proud city with a proud group of people who live in it. This pride is why it is one of the best cities for Everett Nissan to serve.

History of Lenoir

Founded in 1791, Lenoir, North Carolina is named after the famous Revolutionary War General William Lenoir. Lenoir had a huge impact on the city that bears his name; an impact that continues even today. In fact, Lenoir’s old home, Fort Defiance, is still one of the area’s most popular attractions.

Unfortunately, Lenoir suffered through some tough times during economic downturns.  In fact, Broyhill Furniture, one of the largest furniture companies in the country, had to close down their Lenoir headquarters location. However, in recent year, Lenoir’s economic fortune has turned toward the better, with companies like Google opening up headquarter locations in the area, allowing for significant growth. 

Beautiful Landscape

Surrounded by the beautiful environments created from the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, Lenoir is not just historical—it’s also one of the prettiest cities in the whole state of North Carolina. One of the best times of the year to observe this beauty is during Lenoir’s annual North Carolina Blackberry Festival. The Festival celebrates one of the state’s most plentiful and tasty crops through fun activities like a 5K run and plenty of tasty food to eat.

Lenoir has also had its fair share of famous residents over the years. This includes Larry Smith, one of the most talented drivers in all of NASCAR racing, and Mark Schwartz, a professional soccer player and coach.

Lenoir, North Carolina might not be the first place on your list to visit when traveling to North Carolina. However, to the people who live in Lenoir, the city will always be their home. Everett Nissan is happy to serve residents of Lenoir. If you’re ever in the Boone area, come by and see us!