Why You Should Service Your Car at the Dealership

Every car owner has to face the facts sometime – keeping your vehicle running properly and lasting as long as possible involves routine service checkups and maintenance. The question is, where should you go? Local repair shops owned by third-party mechanics are plentiful and can be cheaper than having your car serviced at the dealer, but are you getting the quality of service that you deserve?

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Special Attention to Detail
Dealerships are both representative of and backed by the manufacturer, and as a result they are held to corporate standards. Dealer technicians are trained to specialize in the specific make of your vehicle, so they have better knowledge of the inner workings of your car. Additional, manufacturers often ensure that dealerships have ongoing training programs to keep their technicians up to date on the latest features and technology.


Straight from the OEM Parts
Dealerships also offer OE (Original Equipment) car parts exclusively. These OE parts are made by the manufacturer themselves to fit your car's make specifically, and as a result, you are receiving a guaranteed quality part that fits perfectly into the framework of your vehicle. Local service garages may offer OE parts, but they are more likely to offer generic aftermarket parts that may or may not work with your car. Also, dealerships can do any repairs covered by warranty or by a maintenance plan, so having service done at the dealer can also be free if the repairs are done under warranty.

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Rental Cars
Also, many modern dealerships now offer vehicle rentals, in order to provide their consumers with the convenience of having a replacement car while their vehicle is in the shop. At Everett, we now have this feature! Learn more about Everett rental vehicles now. Many luxury-brands will also offer the option of loaning the same make and model from their own lot as you wait for them to service your car. Local garages can't provide this same convenience, and trying to get a ride home and back to the shop can be an unneeded hassle.

Local garages might be cheaper overall, but if your car is covered by warranty, you may not have to pay at all if you have your car serviced at your dealership. In addition to this, the dealership's trained specialist will be able to fit your vehicle with quality-insured parts that were quite simply made for it.